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Defining the Future of Specialty Drug Services

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Peritus Medical pharmacy is a leading provider of specialty drugs services.

We are experts with decades of experience managing the complex logistics of access, maintenance and delivery of specialty pharmaceuticals.  Our processes preserve the safety and integrity of specialty drugs and our services are streamlined to make the logistics as straightforward and simple as possible, so that our health care partners may focus on the provision of patient care.

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Reimbursement Specialists

The logistics of accessing, handling and delivering specialty drugs are complicated due to the nature and high cost of these medications.

Our team of Reimbursement Specialists coordinate the coverage of high-cost specialty drugs so that patients do not have to worry about navigating the intricacies of the health care system.  The experience, expertise and dedication of our team relieves physicians and their teams of administrative burdens so that they may focus on patient care.

Reimbursement Specialists

Cold-Chain Management

Specialty pharmaceuticals are often sensitive to temperature and the cold-chain needs to be carefully maintained to ensure their integrity is protected.  We use sophisticated instruments and systems that enable us to monitor and track temperatures throughout the delivery and handling processes.  All data is traceable and recorded in real-time.  

Cold-Chain Management

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