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Monoprost (latanoprost) Eye Drops


This medication is used to reduce pressure in the eye, usually if you have glaucoma.  If the high pressure is not reduced, it could eventually damage your sight. It is preservative-free, which can reduce any adverse effects in the eye(s) from long term use of preservatives.

How to Use

  • Wash your hands.

  • Remove contact lenses (if applicable).

  • The drops are supplied in single-dose containers. The solution from one individual single dose container is to be used immediately after opening for administration to the affected eye(s). Since sterility cannot be maintained after the individual single dose container is opened, a new container must be opened prior to each use and must be discarded immediately after. 

  • Open the container using your fingers from one hand to hold the body of the container. Using the fingers from the other hand, hold the top of the container.

  • With a snapping motion, break the top off the container.

  • Use your finger to gently pull down the lower eyelid.

  • Place the tip of the container close to, but not touching your eye.

  • Avoid contact between the tip and the eye/eyelid.

  • Squeeze the container gently so that only one drop goes into your eye and then release the lower eyelid. 

  • Press a finger against the corner of the affected eye by the nose. Hold for 1 minute while keeping the eye closed. 

  • Repeat in your other eye if your doctor has told you to do this. 

  • Discard the single-dose container after use. Do not keep it to use it again. 

  • Wait 3-5 minutes in between different eye drops (if using multiple types of eye drops).

  • If you use contact lenses, wait 15 minutes after using before you put them back in.

  • The usual dose is 1 drop once per day at bedtime.

Side Effects

  • Changes to the colour of your eye

    • It may make your iris (the coloured part of your eye) more brown.  This happens most commonly if your iris has mixed colours, i.e., blue-brown, grey-brown, green-brown or yellow-brown.  If you use this medicine in one eye only, colour changes in the iris may appear only in the treated eye.

    • These changes may be permanent. 

  • Reversible changes to eyelashes (darkening, appearing thicker and longer than they usually do and increase in number)

  • Eye irritation due to the growth of misdirected eyelashes; tell your doctor if this happens 

  • Darkening of eyelids, which may be permanent

  • The feeling that something is in your eye

  • Red eye(s), watery eye(s)

  • Blurred vision (wait until this wears off before you drive or operate machinery)

  • Photophobia (visual sensitivity to light)


  • Store at room temperature and protect from light

  • After opening the sachet of 5 single-dose containers, use the containers within 7 days.

  • After first opening the single-dose container, use immediately and discard the single-dose container after use.

  • Keep out of reach and sight of children

  • Do not use it after the expiry date. 

  • The expiry date refers to the last day of that month.

This is for informational purposes only and does not substitute medical advice.  It is not a complete product summary and does not include a full list of side effects.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have or for any unexpected effects while using this product.



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